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This pump has a construction suitable for handling liquids with a high solidifying point. It is provided with a heating jacket on the outer face of the pump and the motor to prevent liquid from solidifying at a time of the liquid filling and during the pump operation. According to the solidifying point of the liquid and the liquid temperature, a Simple High Melting Point Type (C Type) and a Complete High Melting Point Type (B Type) may be used with a proper selection.


Ideal for use in a wide range of services upto 150°C. Liquids with high melting points | Resins
Anhydrides (Malcic & Phthalic)
Alkylated phenols etc. Fatty acid | Acric Acid
Glycerine | Acetic Acid | Ethylene Diamine | Cresol
Maleic Acid | Heptane | MDI

  Operating Range

Flow : 1 to 500 m3/hr
Head : upto 140m, higher head upon request
Temp : up to 150° C
Pressure : under full vacuum to 15 kg/cm2