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The feature of this pump is that the circulation line does not form a closed circuit. The circulation liquid passes through the front bearing housing from the impeller outlet part of the pump volute chamber into the rotor chamber, passes through the rotor chamber and after being extracted from the outlet of the rear bearing housing at the rear of the motor is returned to the vapour zone in the suction tank through the reverse circulation line.


Ammonia | Freon and Refrigerants
Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid | Methylene Chloride
Aceton | Acetaldehyde | Formaldehyde
Vinyl Acetate | Acrylonitril etc.

  Operating Range

Flow : 1 to 500 m3/hr
Head : upto 140m, higher head upon request
Temp : -80 to 100° C
Pressure : atmospheric to 15 kg/cm2